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New industries and culture have the power to change the entire society.


The COVID-19 raid has initiated major trials of many emerging technologies, especially drones, in epidemic prevention applications. It is expected that various epidemic prevention tasks can be carried out with minimal or preferably no physical contact, such as spraying disinfection, monitoring, Inspections, broadcasting, transportation of medicines and civilian biological resources, surveying and mapping during the emergency establishment of shelter hospitals, project progress observation, and night lighting sources... etc., various countries have established "safe", "rapid" and "comprehensive" UAV epidemic prevention systems in practical applications. , "Continuous" four major needs. In the global battle for anti-epidemic supplies and countries have to lock their countries in order to protect themselves, when disasters are approaching, everyone is in danger, and the importance of independent research and development of anti-epidemic technology and energy production is strongly highlighted during the COVID-19 outbreak.


UAVs are currently the most widely used areas. Before the advent of UAVs, aerial photography could only be done by manned aircraft or helicopters, so there were inherently high obstacles with high cost and low frequency, and it was difficult to take pictures at extremely low altitudes, indoors, and close to people or objects. Drones can effectively reduce shooting costs and can display imaginary images with almost no restrictions, thus inspiring directors and photographers to create more creative video works.


There are many structures and facilities, such as: solar panels, bridges, tunnels, elevated roads, building exterior roofs, etc., which are difficult to reach and require a lot of manpower and time to inspect. The drone can be easily and continuously checked with real-time images.                                                                                                                            


When large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons occur, the disaster-stricken areas urgently need immediate inspections to understand the disaster situation. Due to the interruption of roads and communications, accurate disaster transmission was delayed, which directly affected the disaster relief response. At this time, the drone can quickly and accurately grasp the situation of the immediate disaster area and establish two-way communication. In addition, it is also a good idea to use drones to transport emergency relief supplies.


One of the advantages of drones is that they can fly repeatedly and semi-automatically with high precision using GPS. If the flight route is preset, you can fly any route at the same altitude and at the same altitude. Taking advantage of this, aerial surveys and aerial photography can be carried out in a short time and at low cost.                                                                                                                                                               


The biggest problems facing agricultural operations in various countries today are lack of work and aging. Various factors such as physical injury, hard work, and inability to make money make young people unwilling to invest in agriculture. UAVs are not only dazzling, but they are also truly capable of field verification over the years. Farmers bring greater benefits, so agriculture has become the second largest industrial application of commercial drones. The development of agricultural drones is divided into two armies, the east and west armies. The eastern armies take the large-payload precision medicine as the development direction to solve the problem of long-term spraying by farmers. In the process, there are three major problems: the health problem suffered from drug damage, the efficiency problem of timely and effective spraying when the epidemic broke out, and the serious shortage of labor in rural areas today. The Western Army focuses on precision agriculture that uses aerial photography and AI big data analysis to grasp the status of crops and predict epidemics and yields. The reason is that most of the European and American agricultural land has been planned as large farms suitable for large-scale agricultural machinery, automated equipment, and aircraft spraying operations. The problem with large-scale farms is that the wide area leads to poor grasp of crop growth and farmland conditions. Therefore, timely and rapid aerial camera analysis by drones solves this problem.


As the largest commercial UAV application, the UAV logistics field for cargo transportation and delivery has great social significance: In crowded metropolitan areas where traffic is paralyzed, UAVs are responsible for emergency rescue energy while saving resources without the need to invest in infrastructure. This effectively reduces the load on the ground transportation system. For outlying islands, remote villages, and people who are unable to go out freely due to disabilities or old age, drone logistics will greatly improve the quality of life. Unmanned aerial vehicles are not subject to geographical restrictions, short straight-line distances, flexible scheduling, fast speed, and other high-efficiency features, which will solve the pain points of express companies with high labor costs, difficult delivery and employee traffic safety issues, triggering integrated automation, unmanned, and three-dimensional In addition to the need for cost control of express delivery companies, the optimization of the new-generation logistics structure, which is further in the fourth dimension-the optimization of time, is also a trend of industry progress. As we all know, Amazon in the United States has begun to experiment for practical purposes, and in Taiwan, the government and related industries also have high hopes.  



Multi-rotor drones have a long history and are constantly developing in accordance with laws, regulations and the progress of the social environment. Need to be customized to meet the needs of various customers. In Lefei Innovation, in addition to drones, peripheral equipment, special software, etc., we also cover industrial applications and employee training and other corporate counseling, and provide customers with the best services from all angles.

In A3FUNII,In addition to drones, peripherals, special software, etc., we also cover corporate counseling such as industrial applications and employee training, and provide customers with the best services from all angles.

As the professional technology and resources of Taiwan's top team "A3FUNII", our core service will grow with the customer's enterprise.

  • Shorten the time from customization to actual application, and support faster return of the core value of customers to the society.
  • With the most streamlined R&D costs and the largest R&D energy, we quickly integrate the core technology of drones into our customers' systems.
  • The R&D team will accompany customers to develop and make design adjustments that are most beneficial to customers and minimize cost in response to market changes.
  • The R&D team will make systematic considerations for customers and construct a software system that conforms to the client's corporate physique.
  • The flexible production supply chain allows customers to obtain the most cost-effective components and consumables, and also avoids the environmental burden on the earth caused by mass production.
  • The core team faces up to the various problems encountered by each customer and their industry in the development process.
  • The core team actively cooperates with advanced people from all walks of life to find the best solutions for customers.


"Four-dimensional accelerator for industrial operationsUAV application solution designer"The A3FUNII Team originated from A3FUN Service Co., Ltd.A3FUN Service teamWith the support and cultivation of the Taipei City Government’s Entrepreneurship Subsidy Program, successfully completed the research and development of the smart agricultural unmanned plant protection machine and established a new type of agricultural plant protection service team, which was affirmed by investors and was established by raising new funds, tailored for each industry The exclusive UAV application solution allows industrial operations to break away from the framework of two-dimensional activities and upgrade to three-dimensional operations. The original operation methods will be broken and reinvented. Together, they will create a four-dimensional exclusive operation plan that shuttles through time and space, thereby accelerating Efficiency increases profitability.

CORE TECHNOLOGIESIt is the design energy of a small number of customized UAV application solutions. The team has expertise in cross-field integration of aviation, aircraft, electricity..., and has long-term practical experience in design, production, operation and maintenance of various UAVs.

EXECUTIVE ADVANTAGEIt is the industry understanding gained in the process of cooperating with agricultural, forestry, fishery, electricity, police, consumer... and other operating partners in the process of creating a new three-dimensional transportation solution for the industry over the years, coupled with patented technology, certification, and a closely coordinated industrial supply chain. Create a UAV application service ecosystem in Taiwan. In the future, it will advance internationally with many years of international trade experience and connections.

MAIN PRODUCTSDesign and development services for UAV application solutions, according to different customer needs, with a variety of optimal product delivery, including: design, spare parts, complete machine, application consulting... etc., the main application field package of the existing business


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